Video content from conception to completion

We tell your story through compelling video content that creates immediate impact, engaging your stakeholders, partners and staff and delivering your key media messages with a clear strategy and direction.

Our crews have successful, dynamic, journalistic DNA, allowing us to tap into the best angles to keep your story relevant, capture your projects most important images and craft the best video to 'wow' your audience.


See some of the examples below - we have the solutions to your media needs:

  • High quality corporate video production

  • Brand films

  • Digital documentation

  • Project progress report videos and still shots

  • Drone video asset inspection and building management

  • Infrastructure security surveillance

  • Training and education films

  • Internal staff or web video content, informational films and animations

  • Marketing videos

  • Online short films and documentaries

  • Digital and social media content

  • Video News Releases (VNR's)

  • Live-to-air 'Town Halls' and webinars

  • TVC's

  • Weekly programs

  • Full Television production

  • Streaming - webcasts

  • Behind-the-scenes still shots and video

  • Animation and graphics

  • CGI and Virtual Reality

  • Video graphics packages

  • Openers/Closers Logo animation

  • Comprehensive and clear media strategy 

  • Insightful media and communications initiatives.

  • Public relations and forward facing messaging.

  • Social media management and multi-platform content.

  • Internal communications concepts.

  • Executive media and presentation training

  • Journalism skills

  • Talent management

  • Voice overs

  • Hosting

  • Speech writing

  • Copywriting

  • Storyboarding

With 25 years experience across the media landscape we assist busy organisations to create great traditional and social media solutions for a range of purposes, ensuring your media direction is one streamlined process that delivers what you need when you need it.

Our services include:

  • Multi-redundancy drone still shots and video capture

  • Smaller drone for video

  • Light-weight drone for video

  • Self contained project time-lapse cameras

  • Multiple active Go-pro cameras

  • Steadicam and Gimbal cameras

  • 360-degree cameras and augmented VR

  • Traditional large broadcast cameras

  • Fully rigged DSLR cameras

  • Basic mobile lighting kit

  • Full gaffered lighting rig

  • Lapel, remote, boom, shotgun mic's and audio mixers

  • Edit suites and packages

  • CGI, graphics and animations edit packages

  • Openers/Closers Logo animation packages

  • Autocue and presentation training

  • Larger studios available via partners

We are RIW, Avetta, ICN and CASA certified, with 100% safety record.

We are dedicated to the progression of your project including still progress pictures and time-lapse videos

Cozalive Media is your one-stop shop, your easy to manage turn-key solution to video content.

We assist organisations to understand the requirements, guide them from that first creative spark or brief to a finished result that exceeds outcome expectations.

Cozalive teams work in greenfield and brownfield environments, office sites, houses, sporting arenas, with transport inventory and rolling stock yards, residential and commercial buildings, factories - old and new, railways and tram lines, urban development, mining sites, roadways and paths, Council and LGA assets, Government properties and across metro and regional areas.

Cozalive is an award winning full service media and communications company, ready to maximise your 'investment in image' - on time, on message and on budget.

corporate video for Metroe trains train talk carrum station

Showcase your products, people and passion with creative and contagious films to target your audience. Capture your all-important share of untapped local, national and international markets.


We deliver broadcast production values, scripting and hosting – or provide the coaching & production framework to make you the star!

We offer a fresh approach to
delivering your key corporate messaging
with relevance and authority.


CONTROL the message.

CREATE the content.

CONVINCE the audience.