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  • Ian Cohen

How you can stay in touch with your staff and stakeholders*.

The current scenario is something we have never seen before in the workplace - most of the population working from home (or not working at all!), people frantically washing hands, socially separating, self-isolating and generally exhibiting heightened anxiety with the city now a ghost town.

The impact is huge with layer upon layer of industries all feeling the pain - and the disconnection.

Corridor chats, regular staff meetings, collective gatherings (like the image above) are all now deemed 'unhealthy'.

So, the questions facing senior management, HR and business in general - how do you keep the morale high in the troops, and how do you keep in touch with your staff and workforce?

And how are you going to remain relevant with your team, and emerge with your organisation in-tact?

Maintaining a calm, collected brand voice and keeping open channels of communication with clients, team members and stakeholders is critical.

Cozalive Media has the infrastructure and ability to take your internal (or external) message across town or across the world - a method of 'Town Hall' to safely stay in touch with the people that make your business succeed, and give them a chance to be part of the process of recovery.

We utilise the existing technology to reach your staff via video links to laptops, big screen, phones and tablets - we can 'hook-up' from almost anywhere - we are mobile, flexible and dynamic.

Remove the confusion, offer defined direction and leadership to your staff and your board.

And we can assist you in writing, creating, refining and presenting your narrative, telling your story the way you want it told - working with your internal team (or taking external direction from you) providing a clear strategy and direction to consolidate your position.

This is more than just sitting in front of your tiny laptop camera, or trying to hold your mobile phone steady - it is a commercial broadcast quality that instills faith and confidence in your staff and stakeholders and can include:

  • Multiple camera angles

  • Graphics and Logos

  • Animations

  • Lighting

  • Audio and Microphones

  • Make-up if required

  • Variable locations - head office or out on site at factory etc

  • Writing and creative content

  • Media training to deliver your message

  • Broadcast production quality

  • Experienced Team

We can also ensure more 'bang-for-buck' filming social media updates, video-news-releases (VNR's), digitally documenting your approach to countering the effects of COVID-19 and showing how you are trying to maintain as much 'business as usual' as you can.

Build for the future now - if you have not already communicated with your employees about your plans around the coronavirus, you are behind.

Management may still be scrambling for details like compensation or whether or not to close your office, but it is vital to let your team know that you are working on a plan to address these concerns and how to reduce the impact on their financial and mental wellbeing.

Communicating early, regularly and thoroughly can help reduce panic and anxiety among your workforce.

When we emerge from this crisis it will be those who are best prepared who will 'hit the ground running' and take advantage of new opportunities. Have your staff and your stakeholders feeling like they have been part of your journey, that they have been informed along the way and that they are ready for new challenges.

It is an investment in your image and your infrastructure - email now

*Please note: Clearly the COVID-19 situation is a very fast moving and ever changing environment, so at going to print (23-03-20) the ability to deliver these services was still practical. Please check Government statements to clarify if this is still possible, as public gatherings and workplaces own policies will also be relevant factors - we all want to be safe and healthy in these uncharted waters.

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