​Gain a long-term media focus, building a robust framework for the future.




  • Social Media Policies

  • Writing & Sub-Editing

  • Developing Key Messages

  • Captivating Media Releases

  • Pre-Emptive Crisis Management

  • Best Practice Planning

  • Targeting Protocols

  • Chains of Authority

  • Empowerment

  • Education

We are connected with years of television, radio, print newsroom and program experience.

For your brand, we build bridges to relevant media outlets.

This should be part of your budget allocation to help protect and enhance your brand image - a check-list for the inevitable challenges ahead.

“Prior preparation prevents poor performance.”

And for those times you DON’T want to be on the front page of the paper or the lead on the news ...


We're here to assist with rapid support and experience in a crisis – bolstering troops with fast, incisive planning and resources to minimise impact.

Cozalive Media + Communication offers:

  • Control of information flow

  • Understand needs of a hungry media

  • Communicate effectively in first 48 hours

  • Implement strategy to deliver results

  • Devise a time-sensitive ‘roadmap’ to limit fallout

  • Learn how to focus clearly on process for desired outcomes

  • Appoint the right people to the right roles at the right time

"Smart leaders understand that in the midst of crisis, there is wonderful opportunity."



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