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  • Ian Cohen

Australia's oldest stage race and biggest media company

Bike racing is always exciting - and when you throw in the multi-layered effects of working with riders, promotors, News Ltd, broadcasters, sponsors, government stakeholders, crowds, local councils and more there is plenty going on with media managing the Jayco Herald Sun Tour.

After covering the event for the best part of a decade it is terrific to be part of the 'inner sanctum' creating and delivering media messages around an occasion that is heading towards its seventh decade. Longevity in a crowded sporting landscape is certainly an achievement.

This year was historic, with the addition of the Women's Tour, long overdue....and we had winners from Germany, the UK, Colombia, Denmark and Australia - and over 400 seperate pieces of traditional media in print, TV, radio and websites. Social media just explodes with fans and teams alike getting involved.

Our role at this event includes lead up media and marketing, and the day-to-day event media management. It's a busy place and a constantly moving feast of fun! Check out when the champions are racing down a street near you!

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