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  • Ian Cohen

Thankful, proud, sad and privileged all at once. FightMND

I always tell people.... “With this campaign we are IN the business of going OUT of business!”....And hopefully one day we do, and Neale’s famous ‘Beast’ has been tamed or slain.

Until then the fight goes on and I am enormously proud, sad, inspired, thankful and privileged to be charged with using our media skills and PR to take the battle to the beast!

We are still collating, but here is a video snap-shot of some of our earned media for the FightMND 2024 Big Freeze 10 Campaign - some familiar, some new areas, all absolutely outstanding in their support.

It’s awe-inspiring to watch the work of everyone involved, from Sliders to Daniher’s to DIY events to everyone at FightMND....but the awareness and fundraising wouldn’t happen without the wonderful relationships we have through the hard working Australia-wide media in metro and regional print, TV, radio, online, podcasts and more.

We at Cozalive: Media - Communication - Films are proud to be involved again (behind the scenes and in front of the scenes!), in what started as a handshake agreement with Neale and has grown into much more - and we extend our thanks to everyone who has been a part of the journey this year.....and to our other wonderful business partners/clients and our families who know how busy and important this time of year is!

The official tally announcement for 2024 campaign will be held next week, and of course you can always do your part and donate at - and then set your team for this years Daniher’s Drive!

Massive appreciation to all those writers, reporters, producers, photographers, hosts, talents, newsreaders, journalists, managers, broadcasters, partners, editors and contacts who join me in doing doesn't just happen...thank you!

It’s a quick-fire compilation - enjoy!

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