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  • Ian Cohen

Gold medals on the Gold Coast

We always love BIG events at Cozalive - working on them, covering them, hosting them, managing them.

The biggest event in Australia this year was the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games - a celebration of the old empire, and with some absolutely elite performances mixed with some quirky nuances from days gone by. The 'Goldie' turned on a treat and Ian Cohen was part of the host broadcast operation - a look at the big machine that turns out hours of compelling sporting battles, highlights packages, behind the scenes, historic pieces and more.

It was terrific to be working with crews from all around the world - a loosely entwined band of travelling minstrels who seem to go from one huge global event to another - albeit World cup Soccer, Cricket, Commonwealth games, Olympics etc - a wonderful mix of all sorts of accents.....and very tempting to join!

It was rare, but even found time to actually walk on the sand and enjoy a Surfers Paradise wave. A well organsised and massive operation that fed pictures and voice around the globe (just don't mention the closing ceremony!)

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