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  • Ian Cohen

Hello Governor!

Our chosen Charity is FightMND and this year our managing partner IAN COHEN was elevated to being a key member the highly-focussed Daniher's Drive Executive Team, - an honour, but one we hope disappears if a cure can be found!

We conduct all the pre-event media strategy and planning and then execute the media management on the road on a PRO-BONO basis allowing the hard working Foundation to continue to put 90% of all funds raised back into research and brand awareness for this horrible disease.

The team at Cozalive is proud to be supporting Neale Daniher and his family in their fight against Motor Neurone Disease.

Neale approached Cozalive Managing Partner Ian Cohen several years ago to take the media exposure and relationships for FightMND Daniher's Drive to the 'next level' and we made a firm commitment to Neale to undertake all media activity for the Drive.​​​​​​

In 2018 that involved liaising with the team at Government House regarding our departure, working with the Premiers department about media opportunities, organising the famous and generous event ambassadors and dealing with local, statewide and national media outlets across television, print, radio and on-line.

Ian also utilises his hosting skills as a Master of Ceremonies on the road, with nearly 400 people at evening events

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