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  • Ian Cohen

Getting your game face on!

With a combined nearly 50 years experience across all facets of media our Executive Media + Presentation Training continues to provide a wonderful support framework for those wanting to capitalise on media opportunities, make the best of a press conference, deliver with dynamic style at a board room event or generally improve their presentation skills.

Our tailor made course consists of various modules that range from social media do's and don'ts to full blown crisis management in a hostile media environment - we take you behind the media curtain and construct real and viable methods of ensuring you get your message across and deliver your key points while staying in control

The training consists of theory and practical experiences to really get a sweat up! We consult with senior journalists and presenters who are specialists in their fields to really drive the focus. And throughout this year they have been in demand. Our most involved a resources company looking to sharpen their media focus and outward facing interactions - and they learnt plenty about where their strengths and 'opportunities for improvement' lay. End result, an incredibly successful event where consistent messaging and an ability to stay cool and react appropriately delivered a great outcome.

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