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  • Ian Cohen

Storming into a third decade in Melbourne

Ian Cohen was the inaugural 'Voice of Storm' back in 1998, the first ground announcer and MC, when a group of interstate athletes got parachuted into the second largest metropolis in the land and told to survive a super league war! Over 20 years later the mighty STORM are still here and still going strong and Ian has continued his purple pride.

These days he is combining an ON-AIR role with the ABC as the Melbourne 'sideline' reporter working with a wonderful ABC Grandstand crew lead by Tim Verrall and Andrew Moore, as well as HOSTING pre-match and other Storm functions for the club.

This year it included being part of the legendary Cam Smiths' testimonial, hosting the 20 year lunch and Parliament House receptions as well as bringing all the action live and player interviews pre and post match

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