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  • Ian Cohen

DRONE asset management & building inspection : using COVID-19 downtime effectively in your industry.

Ok, so your workplace is now devoid of workers, and everyone is 'zooming' in from home and the office/warehouse/logistics/assets/trucks/buses/stockyards are idle - NOW is the time to use this 'people free' period to utilise our DRONE asset management capability and capture vital images of your key structures and property.

This a safe solution to expanding your inventory understanding, without having to worry about 'stopping down' for major OH&S or HR requirements as you would with a full work force, now you can efficiently complete those maintenance and surveillance requirements to ensure you protect your large investments.

What sort of shape is your building or property in?

Have a look at these recent aerials from a client rooftop building inspection.

This digital documentation provides you with the closest look at your assets, and the most practical way to sort thousands of images quickly and easily. Our vision is 'indexed' so that when your engineering/maintenance crews highlight a particular spot ALL images that have been captured form that point become available via series of thumbnails.

We have a range of drone/camera combinations to best fit your project. Now is the time to get the job done safely, accrue vital historical imagery and digitally document your biggest and most expensive assets.

This capability can be used for:

  • Transport and stock yards

  • Residential and commercial buildings

  • Factories - old and new

  • Green field and brownfield sites

  • Building and construction

  • Rolling stock and transport inventory

  • Railways and tram lines

  • Urban development

  • Mining sites

  • Roadways and paths

  • Council and LGA assets

  • Government properties

  • Sports clubs - Golf courses, race tracks

  • Regional areas

There is no doubt aerial imagery adds grandeur to any project, and our vision and flights can be used to add to or start your video promotional, social media and marketing material portfolio - and we all know that these days 'content is king'!

Our clients include the dairy industry, Becon Constructions, Kane Constructions, Hamilton Marino, sporting organisations, Metro Rail, Level Crossing Removal Authority and V-Line.

We are proud to say our safety record is 100%, we provide full JSA's, SWMS, and risk assessments - we are fully CASA certified and our teams have covered structures from single display homes to major factories of up to 50,000 square metres.

If desired, we can also fully compliment the aerial vision with traditional ground video content including time-lapse, go-pro and high-definition image capture. And this can lead to some wonderful video content we can deliver for you - from inception, through creation to completion.

And note: Drone surveillance can also be deployed for security and safety purposes, keeping your assets, work site, work force or locations locked down. Or utilised for training purposes fro staff and stakeholders.

'Drone Digital Documentation' - a clever solution to the COVID-19 downtime!

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