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  • Ian Cohen

Embarrassing moments at home....and how to avoid them 'low-tech' style.

So, welcome to lockdown! And this is the simple 'low-tech' answer to those 'embarrassing' moments - (gasp!) The WALK-IN!

We are all now in a heavily congested space, some of us schooling and some working from what would normally be a place where we just gather, eat, drink, argue and sleep.

And no doubt you have already had plenty of challenges, including the impromptu cameo - someone walking in on you while you have been talking with colleagues/teachers/lecturers....or you have inadvertently wandered past the back of the web camera or phone hook up wearing a towel or even worse.

So we need a new sort of etiquette (not quite sock on the door, that served 'other' purposes on away trips!) but something that helps us all exist in the abode without having embarrassing Dad/Mum/Son/Daughter/Grandma moments of unwanted fame.

Please download this PDF, just press on it and it will open in a new tab.... and with a touch of blue-tack you have a scenario that has been working (or not working, depending on talent!) throughout the media industry for the best part of 80 years.

Right click image below for downloadable PDF or webpage....maybe just screenshot...or make your own version!

It will also make sure everyone keeps their voice down as they dash past the study/den/bedroom, now conscious that you have something serious going on.

I'm sure some technical 13yo wizard will be able to make a flashing sign from a paperclip and cigarette wrapper (MacGyver style), but in the meantime utilise the Cozalive answer to unwanted appearances.

Any feedback well received, after all - a bit like the governments around the world, this is very much policy (and development) on the run.

Stay healthy - enjoy!

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