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  • Ian Cohen

Tell your emerging story with time-lapse, take your clients inside your set-up.

Simple to set up, powerful to watch grow, mesmerising content!

This is a project we have watched grow from inception - the construction of GRAZELAND Melbourne, a new culinary delight set to be unveiled just at the base of the Westgate Bridge.

Cozalive Films has been commissioned to record the progress of the new development and this is one component to be utilised for a variety of marketing, stakeholder and government interaction.

It brings potential clients and customers, vendors and traders inside the development and the hard work involved in set up. This shows the funky cargo containers (that will become food outlets) being positioned and the massive arched roof going on.

It's a great team behind this exciting project - and will be a terrific family and foodies venue once completed, can't wait till we can all get out of our houses and enjoy!

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