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  • Ian Cohen

For most of us, it's true - "The painters house is never painted"!

This lockdown time has allowed some much needed business focus for many - us included. Like the old adage that 'the painters house is never painted' (because he is doing everyone else's!) we are all very much in that same business predicament of outward aspirations and not internal promotion and streamlining.

While the Cozalive: Media - Communication - Films team are award winners at promoting and creating other peoples events, images, news and information, we sometimes are so immersed in delivering outstanding client outcomes that we neglect the building of our own wonderful business.

So, that process gets a boost now, and we have joined the Industry Capability Network the first of several key links to promoting our corporate video capacity in particular.

Please download the PDF capability statement, and see how we tell your story through compelling video content laced with our journalistic DNA - creating impact, engaging your stakeholders & staff - delivering your key media messages with a clear strategy and direction.

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